“Poverty Porn” and Decolonizing Non-Profit Media: A How-To Guide

Narratives support broader power imbalances, so through narratives we can either choose to further entrench existing neo-colonial ideas of power and poverty, or we can strive to challenge these dominant narratives and be part of creating a shift in our world's collective imagination of countries, people and power that rejects neo-colonial power imbalances. Perhaps by changing the narrative, we can counter this imbalance.

Schooling the World: Should we be Exporting “Western Education”?

By Antonia McGrath A group of International Development Masters students at the University of Amsterdam recently organized a film screening and panel discussion event featuring the film ‘Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden.’ This was part of a course on Education, Development and Social Justice, and as one of educate.’s directors, I was … Continue reading Schooling the World: Should we be Exporting “Western Education”?