Our Impact

At educate. we believe that impact is a cycle. Our work aims to set in motion a cyclical process of impact based on three key themes: learning, leading and growing. We conduct ongoing impact assessments together with the students, parents and teachers in our communities to quantify the impact our work is having, whilst identifying strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, we hope to create an ongoing data infrastructure that is integrated within our work, capturing the perceptions of communities so that our work can continue to be driven by genuine local needs while becoming increasingly efficient and targeted.

Our definition of impact, below, captures the core values of educate.’s vision and central mission.



Developing personally; gaining knowledge, skills and confidence; encouraging action.

Are students learning?


Acting to inspire and empower others, enabling growth.

Are projects led and driven locally, and are students being encouraged to be leaders in their communities? 


Empowerment takes hold; educate.´s long-term and self-sustaining focus leads to ongoing and continuous growth of individuals and their communities.

What goes on to happen as a result of this project?

Our Theory of Change