Scholarship Programme / Becas

Our scholarship programme provides opportunities for excellent but underprivileged students in Honduras to continue their education to the university level. In Honduras, where only 8% of students from public school continue to university and where economic inequality remains the highest in Latin America, we believe that sponsoring high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds at university is a key way to create long-term sustainable change. With a university degree, the students we support gain not only an education that changes their life and the opportunities available to them, but also affects their families and communities, as well as changing cultural norms and expectations in Honduran society at large.

We have partnerships with several schools in Honduras and we aim to take on one new scholarship candidate each year. Applicants must send in an application, and the amount of funding depends on the situation of each individual.

Our scholarship programme also has a community aspect. During their studies, scholarship recipients return to their old schools once a year to talk about the importance of education and the opportunities that educate. scholarships provide. By showing them as role models in their communities, other students can be inspired to continue their education, perhaps even to the university level, thereby creating wider community impact. The knowledge that these scholarships are available gives students from low-income backgrounds an opportunity they may otherwise never have had, and most importantly it gives them hope that they too can achieve their dreams.


Current educate. scholarship recipients:

Tania Caballero: Future Industrial Engineer
Stephanie Chevez: Future Doctor