Scholarship Programme

We believe in the power of young people to foster change in their communities.

Our scholarship programme works in partnership with local public high schools to provide opportunities for high-potential, low-income students in Honduras to pursue secondary and post-secondary education.

In Honduras, economic inequality remains the highest in Latin America, and the prospect of university is off the cards for the vast majority of the country’s young people. We believe that sponsoring high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds at university is key to creating long-term sustainable change that is built from the ground up. With a university degree, the students we support gain not only an education that changes their life and the opportunities available to them, but also affects their families and communities, as well as changing cultural norms and expectations in Honduran society at large.

During their studies, scholarship recipients act as community leaders and role models through conducting school talks and leadership workshops. Each student returns to their old high school once a year to talk about the importance of education and the opportunities that educate. scholarships provide, acting as inspiration for other young people in their communities. Students also design a skill- or value-based workshop which they conduct at primary and/or middle schools, passing on their learning to other students.

Our University Scholars

Stephanie Chevez: Future Doctor

“I didn’t know if I was going to be able to go to university, but thanks to this scholarship I can meet the costs. These scholarships really help people who need assistance in order to be able to study, and who can’t study because of their situation, whatever that is. It gives them the support they need so that they can move forwards in life.”

Tania Caballero: Future Industrial Engineer

“I think studying makes you a different person. You are taken into consideration by society and you develop as a person in the best way. If you study you can also help your family and you have so many more opportunities. By becoming an industrial engineer, I can go on to run a business, supervise people, or so many things! It’s such an opportunity.”

Javier Reyes: Future Computer Scientist

It has cost me a lot to graduate from high school. When someone from educate. arrived at my school and said you had a scholarship to support young people who had the dream of continuing studying, I was so happy. I want to graduate from university and to be the first in my family to obtain a university degree.”