Youth Center

In 2022 we opened our Youth Centre in Trinidad, Santa Barbara in partnership with the local municipality! This centre is now the basis of our operations and our growing scholarship programme and provides local youth with educational opportunities and trainings in leadership, community engagement and global citizenship. The centre also acts as a local public library.

In 2019 we visited what had once been the municipal library building of Trinidad, though it had not been in use for over a decade. The visit sparked the idea to begin working with the municipality to open a public library as well as a center for educate.s’ operations. Through a partnership with the Municipality of Trinidad, we worked to restore it and create a center for learning, youth empowerment and community engagement. Located next to the “Cancha Municipal” and in the centre of the town, it is a perfect location to bring young people together after school and on weekends in a safe, inclusive space.

Through this new center we are providing a space for our scholars and other young people to gather for educational workshops, leadership programmes, community engagement activities, and peer-to-peer mentorship and tutoring.

Creation & Mural Painting

The Inauguration

Teambuilding AND Leadership Trainings

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