Our Book: To Read is to Dream

“To Read is to Dream: Short stories by young Honduran Authors” (“Leer es Soñar: Cuentos cortos de jóvenes autoras y autores hondureños) is now available for purchase on Blurb.com!

This fully bilingual children’s book (Spanish and English) is written and illustrated by students from rural communities across Honduras.

In 2019, these students helped start up community libraries at their schools, together with their teachers and families, and with support from educate. For many of them and their peers, this was the first time they had access to children’s literature. 

Now, their own work will join the shelves of their libraries as they become some of the youngest authors in their country.

When you buy a copy of this book, you can be sure that 100% of the profits are directly reinvested into our educational projects in Honduras.


Emmanuel was 10 years old when he wrote the story “The Humans and the Forest.” The story talks about how we should take care of animals and trees, and he hopes that it can inspire other children to protect the environment.


Karla Marisol was 11 years old when she wrote “The Children’s Dream,” which tells the story of the creation of her community’s library. She decided to write this story because ever since she was little, she dreamed of having a library in her school so that she could read about all sorts of new topics.

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