educate. is a grassroots non-profit organisation that works to empower children and young people in Honduras through supporting community-driven initiatives focused on education.

We aim to break down the unequal power relations inherent to so much non-profit work by flipping the concept of “aid” on its head: instead of going to Honduras with programmes we want to implement, communities and organisations in Honduras reach out with their own ideas and act as the core leaders in driving projects to fruition. We believe in the power and agency of local community members, and that these individuals know best how to implement impactful projects in their communities.

At our core is our scholarship programme, which works in partnership with local public secondary schools in Honduras to provide opportunities for excellent students from low-income backgrounds to continue their education to the tertiary level. Currently, we are supporting 3 students at university, all of whom are the first in their families to study beyond high school.

Our Scholarship Students

In addition, we work alongside resource-poor communities to support locally-led projects such as starting school-based community libraries that fundamentally transform learning environments for students in rural or otherwise marginalised areas.

We envision a future where there are abundant opportunities for Honduran communities to come together, unimpeded, to learn, lead and grow.

School-based community library projects

Check out our most recent annual report:104666228_1678705168972718_4893748783063149485_o

educate. es una organización de base y sin fines de lucro que trabaja para empoderar a niños y jóvenes en Honduras por medio de proyectos de desarrollo impulsados por la comunidad.

Pretendemos derribar las relaciones desiguales de poder que son intrínsecas de tanto trabajo por organizaciones sin fines de lucro, invirtiendo el concepto de la “ayuda”: en vez de irnos a Honduras queriendo implementar nuestros programas, las comunidades y organizaciones en Honduras nos contactan con sus propias ideas. Creemos en el poder y la voluntad de la juventud hondureña y los miembros de las comunidades locales, y que estos individuos son los que mejor saben implementar proyectos impactantes en sus comunidades.

Nuestro programa central es el programa de becas, para lo cual trabajamos en colaboración con colegios públicos en Honduras para dar oportunidades a estudiantes de alto rendimiento y escasos recursos para seguir con su educación al nivel terciario.

Además, trabajamos junto con comunidades de bajos recursos para apoyar a proyectos liderados localmente, como comenzar bibliotecas comunitarias escolares que transforman fundamentalmente los entornos de aprendizaje para estudiantes en áreas rurales o marginadas.

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