educate. is a grassroots non-profit organisation that works to empower children and young people in Honduras through supporting community-driven initiatives focused on education.

We aim to break down the unequal power relations inherent to so much non-profit work by flipping the concept of “aid” on its head: instead of going to Honduras with programmes we want to implement, communities and organisations in Honduras reach out with their own ideas and act as the core leaders in driving projects to fruition. We believe in the power and agency of local community members, and that these individuals know best how to implement impactful projects in their communities.

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Scholarship Programme

We work in partnership with local public secondary schools to provide opportunities for high-potential students from low-income backgrounds to continue their education at secondary and post-secondary level. Most of our students are the first in their families to pursue a high school or university degree.

Youth Center

We are working to open the first Youth Centre in Trinidad, Santa Barbara, where we will provide local youth with educational opportunities and trainings in entrepreneurship, community engagement and global citizenship. The centre will also act as a local public library.

Community Libraries

Together with local communities, we start school-based community libraries that fundamentally transform learning environments for students in rural or otherwise marginalised areas. So far, we have supported the opening of 8 libraries.

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“We envision a future where there are abundant opportunities for Honduran communities to come together, unimpeded, to learn, lead and grow”.


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Despite the difficulties of studying from home during the pandemic, educate. scholar Javier Reyes is excelling both academically and personally. During a recent visit to Honduras, I (Antonia, educate. co-founder) was able to meet up with him and his family and spend some quality time talking about his experiences, struggles, achievements and ideas.  Javier lives … Continue reading A Young Computer Scientist, Growing into a Leader

In Las Delicias, dedicated teachers have made all the difference

Written by Antonia McGrath, educate. Director and Co-Founder The Las Delicias school is located on the outskirts of Trinidad. Situated under the lofty branches of the surrounding trees, the school has three spacious classrooms as well as their new library. What makes the project stand out however, is Profe Gueyby. Profe Gueyby is an astonishingly dedicated … Continue reading In Las Delicias, dedicated teachers have made all the difference

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