Youth Center

We are working to open the department’s first Youth Centre in Trinidad, Santa Barbara. This centre will become the base of our growing scholarship programme and will provide local youth with educational opportunities and trainings in entrepreneurship, community engagement and global citizenship. The centre will also act as a local public library.

The municipal library building has been in disrepair for over a decade. Through a partnership with the Municipality of Trinidad, we are working to restore it and create a center for learning, youth empowerment and community engagement. Located next to the “Cancha Municipal” and in the centre of the town, it is a perfect location to bring young people together after school and on weekends in a safe, inclusive space. The municipality has agreed to provide support in the refurbishment of the building, and educate. will be responsible for the furnishings as well as day-to-day management of the space and the activities held within it.

Through this youth center, we will provide:

  • High school and university scholarships for excellent, high-potential students from low-income backgrounds.
  • Tutoring for students who need more support in their classes both at secondary school and university level.
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship workshops for youth.
  • A community library where everyone from the community can come to read, learn, study and do homework.
  • Accessible computers and printers for young people to learn and practice technology skills.
  • Educational after-school and weekend programmes focused on global citizenship education – such as surrounding themes around environmental protection, gender equality, IT skills, arts and sports.
  • Community events.

In its first year, the project will provide 100+ local youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with opportunities to learn, lead and grow.

Project Partners