educate. is a grassroots non-profit organisation that works to empower children and young people in Honduras through supporting community-driven projects focused on education.

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Our Aims

Our Story

Our Team

Our Philosophy of Development

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‘Pitch deck’

This document gives an overview of our work, strategic planning and organisational goals. See here.

Annual reports (including financials)

Our Annual Reports tell the year-by-year story of our work, our team, and our impact.

2020-21 Annual Report: coming soon!

2019-20 Annual Report

2018-19 Annual Report

2017-18 Annual Report

Annual Independent Examiner Reports (External Account Audits)

Our financial year begins on March 23rd of each calendar year – the date upon which we gained charitable status in 2017. Our annual accounts are audited by an external examiner and approved annually by the Scottish Charity Register. The full external account audits can be viewed here.

2020-21 Independent Examiner Report

2019-20 Independent Examiner Report

2018-19 Independent Examiner Report

2017-18 Independent Examiner Report

Legal information

We are an officially registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) with the Scottish Charity Register. Our registration number is SC047277. You can view our profile and read about our charitable status here.

You can also read our full constitution here.

ANBI Information.