Our Story

In August 2014, Antonia McGrath and Lisa van Holsteijn moved to Honduras to volunteer for a year with the Scotland-based charity Project Trust. Antonia was placed in a children’s home near the city of El Progreso, and Lisa worked as an English teacher in nine public schools in and around Trinidad, in the department of Santa Bárbara.

After this year, both Antonia and Lisa started university in the Netherlands. Studying international development and keeping in close contact with their friends and colleagues in Honduras, they had countless conversations about the issues they had seen and experienced. A year after their original departure from Honduras, Antonia and Lisa returned to visit the communities where they had lived and the many people they had worked with. It was this trip, and the stark contrast of these two worlds that it brought back to them, that sparked the idea for educate..

Over the following months they worked hard to write a charity constitution and business plan, and continued formulating plans and ideas in communication with contacts in Honduras.

On March 23, 2017, they received a Status Award Letter from the Scottish Charity Register.

Since then, educate. has grown into a team of 13 people, all working on a 100% voluntary basis, our projects on the ground are thriving, and we have ambitious goals for the future!

Antonia and Lisa, one year after starting educate.
The educate. team, in Amsterdam