educate. Talkshow on OT301 Radio

Last week, educate. had the pleasure of being on OT301 Radio for an hour long discussion about our work. We talked about Honduras, the structural issues of poverty, violence and inequality and the challenges in driving structural change in the area of education. We talked about the non-profit sector and its colonial roots, and how educate. is working to turn these around through supporting local leadership and grassroots community involvement. And we talked about our current campaign, as we work towards raising $5,000 in just two and a half weeks in order to open the first Youth Centre in Honduras’ rural department of Santa Bárbara, where our work is based. 

This is a project that is immensely exciting. It is the first time we will be partnering with local government, and it will be a huge step forward, enabling us to bring together young people from across the municipality for mentorship programmes, tutoring, and leadership and community engagement workshops. We will be able to provide greater support to our scholarship students and expand our programme further, providing many more students with the opportunities to study and develop themselves as future community leaders.

You can watch the full talkshow below, and if you’re interested in making a direct donation, check out our campaign page and consider making a direct one-time or monthly donation:

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