Meet our High School Scholars!

We’d like to introduce you to this first cohort of educate. High School Scholars! Meet Darnella, Rosa, Robin, Gerson, Cindy, Nely, Sandra, Glendy and Cleverson.

In the “zonas cafetaleras” (coffee zones) of Trinidad, Santa Bárbara, most schools only go up to 6th grade. According to the World Bank, only 43% of students in Honduras finish 9th grade, let alone their “bachillerato” (12th grade) diploma. In rural areas like the ones where we work, this percentage is often even lower.

The greatest barrier impeding students from the mountain villages in accessing high school is distance: the high schools in Trinidad center are too far away to walk to from the surrounding villages, and transport is too expensive. That’s why at the start of 2022, when schools reopened after the COVID-19 school closures, we launched our high school scholarship programme. Our scholars are picked up and dropped off every day by a minibus system, and they all gather at the Youth Center on Saturdays to participate in community-engagement activities.

Darnella Siham Paz Flores

7th grade

Until she was 12 years old, Darnella lived with her grandfather. After he passed away, she moved in with her aunt, grandmother and cousin. Her aunt is like a mother to her, and her cousin like a little brother. As a family, they weave and sell hammocks and other cloths. Darnella also helps, when she is not in class. Her dream is to graduate high school with top marks!

Rosa Sarahi Trochez Garcia,

12th grade

Rosa lives with her mother and father and her two brothers. Her family make and sell hammocks. Rosa works as an assistant in a Kindergarten in the village of Ilama in the mornings, and in the afternoons she attends her classes in Trinidad at the Santiago Perez Technical and Vocational Institute.

In her free time she likes to focus on her studies. Her dream is to graduate from high school and become a qualified Preschool teacher and to make her parents proud.

Robin Ariel Zúniga

9th grade

Robin is 20 years old and a very positive young man who is excited about the opportunity to continue his high school education. 

His family, he says, are very united. He lives with his grandparents, mother, stepfather and two older sisters and younger brother. They are a family of jewellery makes, producing artisanal bracelets and necklaces.

Gerson Josue Guzman Lopez

12th grade

Gerson is 23 and lives with his family, who dedicate themselves to making hammocks. He is an energetic young man and a lover of football, which he tried to pursue professionally before becoming injured. He now sees furthering his education as an important step for his future. Nevertheless, he continues to train as part of a team alongside his studies and helping his mother around the house.

Cindy Michelle Mejía Gómez

12th grade

Cindy has many dreams that she hopes to fulfil through her education. Her family, she says, are incredible. They work in the maquiladora factories nearby. Cindy hopes she can pursue her goal of becoming a nurse after she finishes high school. She also wants to be able to eventually support her elderly parents. 

Nely Mahely Cortes Lopez

9th grade

Mahely is 14 years old and studies at the Santiago Perez Vocational Institute in Trinidad. She lives in Ilama with her father and seven siblings. Her mother passed away a year ago.

When she was a little girl, she wanted to study medicine. But now she is also really interested in Information Technology (IT) and says that, if she had the opportunity to study, she wouldn’t know which one to pick.

In her free time she loves to read books, and when she can’t find physical ones she downloads them online. She also likes Korean music and films.

For now, she hopes to finish high school with top marks to make her father and brothers and sisters proud.

Sandra Damari García Hernández

10th grade

Sandra lives with her family in Ilama, Santa Bárbara. She has three siblings, two brothers and a sister, and her family dedicate themselves to making hammocks, swings, and other things that involve weaving. At school she says she loves to write, and her dream is to be able to go to university to become an industrial engineer. 

Glendy Nohely Benegas García

10th grade

Glendy Nohely lives in Ilama, in Honduras’ department of Santa Barbara. As the mother of a one year old daughter, she wants to graduate high school in order to be able to provide her with a better life. When she is not at school, she helps her mother with chores around the house, looks after her daughter, and does her homework. She is happy to be able to continue her studies as part of educate.‘s high school scholarship programme.

Cleverson Daniel Trejo Caballero

7th grade

Cleverson has four siblings and lives in Ilama, Santa Barbara. He spends his mornings working at a water purification plant before attending his classes at the Santiago Perez Technical and Vocational Institute in Trinidad in the afternoons. His goal is to graduate from high school which, he says, he feels thankful to be able to achieve thanks to the scholarship.

You can become a direct supporter of our high school scholarship programme here!

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