Meanwhile in the Scottish Highlands…

Two intrepid young women, Lisa van Holsteijn (educate.’s fundraising coordinator) and Yolanda Cowen (sustainable development student at St. Andrews university) have decided to take on the challenge of running a full 42km mountain marathon to raise funds for educate.’s scholarship programme! In this post Lisa tells us a little more about what she and Yolanda are going to do.

After running two half marathons last year (one in Leiden in the Netherlands and one in Carcoar in Australia) I decided I really wanted to “up my game”, and so together with my friend Yolanda, I will be running a 42 km mountain marathon in the Scottish highlands on the 12th of August 2018. In just 5 days time, Yolanda and I (accompanied by my helpful parents) will be driving down to the town of Blairgowrie to stay the night in small B&B, before heading off to Callander the next morning to start the race. I will run the first leg of the marathon (28 kms) and Yolanda will finish off the last 14 kms. The elevation within the course is 700m, and to be completely honest, we currently have no idea whether we will be physically capable of completing this challenge! However as we are doing this to raise funds for the underprivileged youth in Honduras, we both feel motivated and excited to take on this challenge.

We have set up a sponsorship page where, if you would like to offer Yolanda and I some support, we would be incredibly grateful – (this will also give our legs some more hope) and your donations go directly to the recipients of our scholarship programme!

Our scholarship programme is educate.’s main project, where excellent students from low-income backgrounds are given the opportunity to continue their education after high school. With a university degree, the students we support gain not only an education that changes their life and the opportunities available to them, but also affects their families and communities, as well as changing cultural norms and expectations in Honduran society at large. If you are interested in this project you can read more about it here and see pictures and videos of our amazing current scholarship recipients: Stephanie and Tania, two girls from rural communities who are the first in their families to study at university.

If we can raise just $700 we can support Tania through her second year of industrial engineering studies at university in San Pedro Sula! Another $900 would support Stephanie through her next semester of medicine studies. Even a small donation from you goes a long way towards helping make this happen!

Here is the link to our sponsorship page:

Thank you for all of your support!


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