Things don’t always go to plan: Nutrition Centre Relocation

Things don’t always go to plan. Each time we begin a new project, we put a great deal of thought into it, but there are always circumstances that one simply cannot predict. This has been the case with our most recent project, the nutrition centre we fund in Talanga, Honduras with our incredible partner organisation Manos Que Ayudan Talanga.

Manos Que Ayudan Talanga are a small, community-led group who work tirelessly to get children in Talanga and surrounding villages into school, and who support them in related ways, such as ensuring that they are receiving enough nutrition to allow them to grow as healthy individuals who can actively learn and participate in their classrooms. The nutrition centre was set up after multiple incidents of children fainting at school due to not having eaten, and has been serving food to between 20 and 30 children every day in Talanga, as well as being a space for children to come and do homework in the afternoons. Unfortunately, the local municipality has decided to turn the space that they have been using into a warehouse, a decision which will affect over 100 children who benefit from the centre’s services.

“What is happening is outrageous,” Manos Que Ayudan Talanga wrote on one of their Facebook pages. “It is very difficult not to have the support of the authorities in Talanga, and it hurts enormously that they are being so unfair, but this is the reality.” The post was inundated with comments of commiseration and support from the community.

Luckily, Manos Que Ayudan Talanga is team with enormous passion and with a community that values their work immensely, and a new location has already been found. The new location will be in a small and very poor village nearby, serving a different though equally impoverished group of children. educate.will be continuing to fund this centre, as we believe wholeheartedly in the work that this dedicated group of Hondurans is doing.

Over the course of this week, the tables and chairs as well as the stove, fridge, kitchen equipment and utensils, food and other materials are being moved out of the current centre and into the new location. The new location can be seen in some of the photos below, and it is the room on the left of the building that will house the centre. Educational posters about the importance of nutrition have already been put up!

It is true that things might not always go to plan, but with passion and determination, there are always ways to make things work.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos!


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