Las Delicias

Las Delicias is a primary school on the outskirts of the village of Trinidad with 60 students and two teachers as well as a director and a volunteer Kindergarten teacher. It’s been part of the educate. community for some time, as it’s located just down the road from where our scholarship student Tania Caballero lives with her family.

The school is located in a low-income area, where many live along the nearby riverbanks and work in agriculture and construction, as well as shoemaking. Most mothers work in the household.

“The activities that we do at the school are a result of a lot of hard work, often with a great deal of sacrifice,” says the school’s director, Gueyby Lucila Perez Castillo.

She recognises reading as one of the key building blocks of a strong education, and has brought together the community to make this project possible.

This library will be inaugurated in 2021 and is funded by La Vida.