La Alegria

Behind the El Tigre school (where we are also working to start a school-based community library in 2021), are forested and coffee-growing mountains.

To get to the village of La Alegria, you have to follow a poorly maintained dirt road in a mototaxi. Here, Profe Olga teaches grades 1-6 together in a single classroom, with 30 students in total. She is an incredibly inspiring educator, who travels up the mountain to La Alegria every day to reach her students.

“The parents in La Alegria are very excited about the library project,” says Walter, educate.‘s project coordinator. “They never imagined that they would have the opportunity to work on a project like this at their school.”

The idea here is that the community libraries here are linked, so El Tigre will have a large library, and La Alegria will have a rotating selection of books, as they only have space for a reading corner. That way, students will have a greater variety of books that they can access.

Walter also has plans with the teachers to organize reading days, book theatre workshops and other activities between the schools once the libraries have been set up.

This library will be inaugurated in 2021.

The La Alegria primary school

The first community meeting at the school