La Florida Library Anniversary Celebration

August 14 marked the 1-year anniversary of the La Florida school library in Olancho, Honduras! The students from the school decided to organise an anniversary celebration, and invited educate. to join them via Zoom.

It was the first time the students had attempted a Zoom call, and a phone top-up had been bought especially for this purpose. There was a palpable sense of pride and excitement that could be felt even through a screen!

Students had prepared decorations and pictures from some of their favourite stories – including the symbolic “Biblioburro” book about a man and two donkeys who carry books to villages around Colombia, just like the donkeys who carried the books up to this village’s school.

Despite ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, it was wonderful to see the ways in which students are continuing to learn and engage with their library.

Check out a short video of the event, featuring some of the students’ work and presentations:

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