Food package support in Honduras as food insecurity becomes an ever-growing concern

Across Latin America, the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 have been instrumental. While existing issues persist, food insecurity has risen dramatically – UN agencies, including the World Food Programme (WFP), estimate that around 14 million people across the region are at risk of severe food insecurity as COVID cases continue to rise, affecting food systems and leaving millions without income.

WFP’s executive director David Beasley has said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has just been devastating in Latin America, where the economic storm clouds were already gathering. Families are struggling to buy basics like food and medicine, as livelihoods are destroyed and the number of people out of work in the region hits 44 million. It’s a deadly combination and we’ve got to act now, and we’ve got to be smart. You can’t just deal with COVID-19 by itself or hunger by itself. They must be dealt with together. If we do it right, we can save lives. If we don’t do it right, people will die.”

Recognising food insecurity as an increasing problem in our communities across Honduras, we have been implementing a food package programme to support vulnerable families, especially those with children. As an education-focused organization, we understand the need for adequate nutrition for children’s development and learning, and the detrimental effects that a lack of proper nutrition can have.

The food packages we provide include include a variety of food items (rice, beans, pasta, sauce etc.) as well as basic hygiene items such as soap.

So far, we have handed out a total of 82 food packages to families across our community.

But the crisis is far from over, and we want to make sure we can continue to support our communities as this situation continues to progress and evolve.

It costs just €8 / $9 / £7  to provide a food package for a family, and in doing so providing a modicum of support and security and ensuring that children can remain fit and healthy until schools open up again.

Any support that you can provide is hugely welcomed, and 100% goes directly towards our work on the ground. You make a donation via PayPal here.

To learn more about the food insecurity crisis in Latin America, check out this UN report.

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