Child Nutrition Centre with Manos Que Ayudan Talanga

We have recently partnered with the Honduran non-profit Manos Que Ayudan Talanga to fund a nutrition centre for children in the town of Talanga, Honduras. This project benefits roughly 20 children every day, who each receive a nutritious meal at the centre.

Manos Que Ayudan Talanga is a small organisation founded and run by Carlos Urbina, a young local Honduran. As an organisation, they focus on getting children into school through a sponsorship programme and working to eradicate child labour and illiteracy in Honduras. However, in Talanga, it is common to see children begging for food outside shops and restaurants. Many children do not go to school, because getting food takes priority. Children that do go to school often spent the whole day in the classroom without any food, making it almost impossible to concentrate, and there have been many incidents of children fainting at school as a result of inadequate nutrition.

As children cannot be expected to go to school, let alone to learn effectively, on an empty stomach, Manos Que Ayudan Talanga has stepped in to provide nutritious meals for children who’s families cannot afford adequate food for them. The Manos Que Ayudan Talanga nutrition centre creates a space where children can come every day to receive a healthy, nutritious meal, cooked by local volunteers.

educate. is supporting this project financially, with an initial grant of €1,500, which will fund the centre for roughly six months (April-September 2018). Manos Que Ayudan Talanga runs the centre, with volunteers from the village cooking and serving the food every day.

We are very excited about this new collaboration and the progress so far. A key aspect of our work as an organisation is the links we foster between our donors and specific, local, grassroots projects like this one.



This partnership and project was recently mentioned in El Heraldo, one of Honduras’ largest newspapers!

el heraldo

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