Sunshine and Bargains: Flea Market Fundraiser at Amsterdam University College

On Saturday April 7th, educate. held a flea market sale at Amsterdam University College! The sun was shining and tables were piled high with second-hand clothes, books, shoes and miscellaneous trinkets. People either rented a table for €10 and sold their belongings themselves, or donated their things to educate..

Along with the flea market, we also set up a bake sale with beers, Sangria, cakes and nachos with fresh homemade salsa, sold the “Honduran way” in serving-sized plastic bags- a hit!

The event was meant to mimic the larger Amsterdam ‘Ij-Hallen’ flea market, and after such an incredibly successful day, we’re hoping to repeat the event in the coming months!

In total, we managed to raise €432!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the event and to everyone who came down to enjoy the sunshine and the great bargains! Hopefully we’ll see you again next time.

Like our Facebook page to find out about upcoming events!

And check out the photos!



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