El Progreso Library Update: Adrian Mejia School!

For many months now, we have been working with the Honduras-based non-profit Chispa Project to start a library at a public elementary school in the city of El Progreso, Honduras. Due to the chaos that followed the Honduran presidential elections, our plans were delayed somewhat, but we are very excited to have a concrete game plan again, and to be able to share this with you!

We have been working to raise a total of USD$3,000 to make this library a reality. Thanks to many donations and several fundraising events, we recently hit this target on our crowdfunding page for this project- a great success!

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 09.24.52.png
Our Chuffed fundraising page – with $3,000 raised!

It has now been confirmed that this library will be located at the Adrian Mejia School in El Progreso, a school that was recently re-constructed by the organisation FEIH – the Foundation for Education in Honduras. We’re excited to be collaborating not only with Chispa Project, but also with this new organisation!

Adrian Mejia is a school spanning grades one through nine, with a total of around 450 students, and they also have a programme that allows older students to make up their colegio time, as many students in Honduras do not finish high school and this gives them the chance to return later to complete it.

The library will comprise of 700 books in total, with some in rincones de lectura (reading corners) in the classrooms, and the rest in the biblioteca fija (the main library, located in what is currently a spare classroom). All going to plan, the library should be up and running by June this year! In early July there will be a whole-school inauguration party to celebrate the library’s opening.

Thank you to everyone who donated, attended our events, and helped out in any way to help us raise the money to make this possible.

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Thanks for reading!

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