2019 educate. Scholarship Student: Javier Reyes

The start of a new year means educate. is taking on a new university scholarship student! educate.'s university scholarship programme provides excellent, high-potential students from low-income backgrounds in Honduras with the opportunity to continue their education to the university level. This year's recipient will become the third person to go to university with educate.'s support. Out of … Continue reading 2019 educate. Scholarship Student: Javier Reyes

The story of José Jacinto Reyes, a Honduran street child

I grew up in a place where humanity is trumped by ambition for power and territory. From a young age, I watched people get shot and collapse lifeless in the dust. When that kind of violence surrounds you, life becomes meaningless. But that is how my life was built: amongst violence, power and poverty – things that can corrupt anyone.