Christmas Book Tokens: Buy a book for the El Tigre primary school!

Happy holiday season to our community around the world! This December, we are collecting books for our 6th library project in Honduras, this time at the El Tigre primary school.


Our relationship with this school is a special one. Lisa, one of educate.‘s directors, taught English classes here for a year back in 2014, and by sheer coincidence, the school’s director Profe Evelio is educate. project coordinator Walter’s former primary school teacher! Located in a rural shoemaking community in Trinidad, children in El Tigre lack educational resources but are lucky to have two incredible teachers. We have chosen this school for the passion of its educators and the enthusiasm of the student and parent community to lead this project to fruition, and we can’t wait to see it unfold.

Right now, the community is working to repair an old storage room which will soon be transformed into a library. Meanwhile, we need to start collecting books! All of the books we buy are high-quality Spanish-language and age-appropriate children’s books, and include plenty of Latin American stories so that children see themselves represented in the books they read.

Libraries are incredibly valuable resources for students living in rural and otherwise marginalised areas. We have seen in our previous projects how these libraries have united communities, improved reading, and led to deeper engagement in students. Our process of co-creation and community leadership means each of these spaces is unique, and we are excited to see how the El Tigre library will turn out.


If you have kids or work in education, you’ll know that good children’s books don’t come cheap. At educate., it costs us £5 to buy and send each book to Honduras. This December, you can buy ‘Book Tokens,’ each of which costs £5 and allows us to add another book to the library inventory! For each donation, we also send you a personalised Book Token in the mail. You can get a book token yourself, or even buy them as Christmas presents for others!

You can purchase tokens here:

Or get in touch to ask any questions you might have.

Happy Holidays!

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