Our Second Project: Animal Therapy Farm at El Hogar Orphanage!

girl and teddyWe are excited to announce that we have just accepted our second project!

Over the past months, we have been in contact with the dedicated team at the El Hogar de Niños orphanage in Santa Barbara, Honduras where we are now supporting the start of an animal therapy programme.

El Hogar provides a loving home for children and young adults who come from backgrounds of extreme poverty as well as severe forms of abuse and neglect, which has, unsurprisingly, had a severely negative impact on many of the children. The on-site psychologist has suggested the creation of an animal therapy programme, including caring for and spending time with animals, to help many of the children learn to cope with their traumas and allow them to progress and adapt to a healthy social adult life. Through the animal therapy program, children will learn to control impulsivity, aggression and anxiety, as well as improving their self-esteem, concentration and social skills. educate. will be funding the first installment of this animal therapy program in the form of a donkey and a donkey shelter which will be located at El Hogar Orphanage.

You can support this initiative by donating here.


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