We take a largely qualitative approach to impact measurement, which is done throughout the project’s progress through individual and group discussions with students, teachers and parents, and through observations. We work collectively with a focus on deep community involvement, and build relationships whereby we discuss and seek to understand how communities benefit from the project and how they perceive the impact of this project more broadly. “Impact” is a culturally subjective term, and we aim to look at beneficiaries’ perspectives of impact so that our work can continue to be driven and assessed by genuine local needs and views.

Since educate. started, we have:

  • Provided 3 university scholarships: we have taken on one student each year in our university scholarship programme, none of whom would be at university without this support. These young people are breaking barriers every day.
  • Provided 2,100 books to 5 school-based community libraries: Our books are all in Spanish and are age-appropriate and culturally relevant. We work with local teachers to choose our books.
  • Directly reached 1,500 students across our projects: Our community projectshave directly reached 1,500 children and youth, as well as their families and wider communities. These projects will also reach future generations of students who pass through these schools.
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