School Partnership


Our team aims to establish partnerships between educate. and schools in the Netherlands in order to do fundraising and provide students with first-hand critical service learning and a global citizenship education. We aim to create an opportunity for intercultural learning between students in Honduras and in Amsterdam through specific projects led by the students.

Rachel is originally from the United States but spent her childhood in Costa Rica. After teaching in Mexico for a year, she decided to pursue her Master’s in International Development at the University of Amsterdam in 2017. Her Master’s research on curriculum and identity only increased her passion for the power of education. Rachel joined the School Partnerships team in February 2021 and is excited to work with schools and spread Educate’s mission!

Michelle Ruiz: School Partnership

I was born and raised in Honduras. After graduating from Psychology, I decided to move to the Netherlands in 2017. Being from Honduras myself motived me to be part of Educate and do something for my country even from far away. I see the importance of empowering students to continue their education, so I’m excited to be part of the Educate team.