Projects Team

The educate. projects team leads all of educate.’s work in Honduras: Running programmes at our Youth Center, supporting the students in our scholarship programme, meeting with teachers at local public schools, running library activities, and driving change at the community level.

Projects Team – Honduras

Walter Dubon: Projects Coordinator

Walter began his journey with educate. as the president of the Las Lagunas library committee in 2018-19. A leader and role model in his community, he speaks with passion about the environment, reading, and the importance of working with youth. He now leads educate.‘s scholarship programme, Youth Center, and school-based library projects in Honduras.

Antonia McGrath: Programme Management Lead

Founder and Director of educate., Antonia oversees educate.’s Programme Management structures and processes. She has lived and worked in Honduras intermittently since 2014 as a teacher, volunteer and researcher. Aside from her work at educate., she is a PhD Candidate at the Center for Latin American Research and Documentation (CEDLA).

Javier Reyes: Computer Programme Leader

Javier joined educate. as a university scholar in 2019 to study Computer Science. Alongside his studies, he now leads educate.’s Computer Programmes at the Youth Center.

Orlin Daniel Canales: Art Programme Leader

Orlin is an artist from the nearby city of El Progreso, Yoro. In 2022, he worked with our scholars to paint murals across the Youth Center’s walls. In 2023, he joined educate. to start an art programme at the Youth Center.

School Library Project Leaders

Lorena Jimenez: Las Lagunas primary school director and teacher

Lorena is the only teacher at the Las Lagunas primary school in Arada, Santa Bárbara. She led the community in starting the Las Lagunas School Library project in 2019.

Nery Molina: La Florida primary school director and teacher

Nery Molina is the only teacher at the La Florida primary school in the mountains behind Catacamas, Olancho. He led his students and community in starting the La Florida School Library in 2019.

Profe Gueyby: Las Delicias primary school director and teacher

Profe Gueyby is the Director of the Las Delicias primary school on the outskirts of Trinidad, and one of the class teachers. She led the school community in starting their school library in 2021.

Bessy Nohelí Villeda Mejía: La Alegria primary school director and teacher

Bessy is the only teacher at the La Alegria primary school, in the mountains behind Trinidad, where we supported a library project in 2021. The library creation process was led by a former teacher, Rosa Idalia Perdomo Paz, who handed the project over to Bessy in 2022.

Profe Yessenia: El Tigre primary school director and teacher

Profe Yessenia is the director and a class teacher at the El Tigre primary school just outside of Trinidad. She and other community leaders worked together to lead the opening of this library project in 2022.

Magdaly Pérez: Trinidad Kindergarten teacher

Kindergarten Director and teacher Magdaly Pérez led the start of the Trinidad Kindergarten Library project in 2018.

Zaida Bonilla: Adrian Mejia School Director

Zaida is the school director of the Adrian Mejia primary and secondary school on the outskirts of El Progreso, Yoro. She led her community in starting the Adrian Mejia School Library project in 2018.

José Luís Trochez: Guadalupe Ulloa School teacher and director

José Luis is the director of the Guadalupe Ulloa primary school in Trinidad. He was the project leader of the Guadalupe Ulloa School Library project in 2018.

Projects team – Volunteers

César Luzio Romero: Scholarship Programme Leader

César is Chilean and is currently living and working in the city of Haarlem, The Netherlands. He acquired his Masters in Sociology in Santiago de Chile and later gained experience leading social projects focused on childhood and strengthening communities in South America. Today he supports the project leadership team at educate. with a focus on our scholarship programme.