Partnerships Team


Our Partnerships Team works to connect schools and businesses around the world to local Honduran schools, students and communities. We offer guest speakers to students and groups interested in our work, support with local giving campaigns and fundraisers, and we ensure that all funds raised through these partnerships directly reach our communities on the ground.

Sarah Bumberger: Partnerships Coordinator

Originally from Austria, Sarah has a background in migration policies and governance in Europe, refugee education & integration. Passionate about the development of international refugee law and human rights, she currently works as a communications officer for the SDG House of the city of The Hague. Sarah is excited to apply her skills and interests to stewarding relationships with partners to ensure we are working effectively toward the same goals.

Anna Puigdollers Alberch: Partnerships Coordinator

Anna is from Catalonia, Spain. She has an optimistic approach, is very social, open-minded, and proactive, and always ready to help people in the best way possible! By being extroverted and curious by nature, she wants to discover new things, meet people, and experience different cultures. She believes that one of the most incredible things in life is that the world is full of interesting people and that we can all share and learn from each other! This is why she decided to switch careers and study cultural anthropology. She is very excited to have joined the educate. partnerships team!