Child Nutrition Centre

We partnered with the Honduran non-profit Manos Que Ayudan Talanga to fund the starting up of a community-run child nutrition centre in the rural village of Los Pozos, Honduras. This project benefits roughly 20 children, who each receive a nutritious meal at the centre every day.

Los Pozos is a rural community with a population of under 300, located in the hills outside of Talanga, Honduras. The nutrition centre started here in lat May 2018, after Manos Que Ayudan Talanga started sponsoring several children in the community who were not going to school. They soon realized that many children were not able to concentrate in class   because they hadn’t had enough to eat, and others were not coming to school at all for this reason. Some children had even fainted at school from hunger. Manos Que Ayudan decided that a school-based nutrition programme would help the students succeed academically and serve as an incentive to keep them coming to class each day. educate. stepped in to fund the project, which has been a huge success: not one child has dropped out since the nutrition centre opened.

educate.  funds this nutrition centre, the cost of which amounts to roughly $300 US dollars per month, which provides lunch to twenty children five days a week, making the cost per meal only $0.75

In an effort to make the project more self-sustaining, the foundation recently purchased 1.5 acres of land near Los Pozos, where they have started a farm made up of donated animals including 44 chickens, pigs, and rescued kittens and puppies. Fruits and vegetables have also been planted at the farm: cucumbers, onions, beans, corn, yuca, pineapples and more. The food produced will be used at the nutrition centre and any surplus will be sold, with all funds raised going towards the organisation.

The whole Los Pozos community is involved in this project. The farm work is done by parent volunteers who volunteer on the farm for 3-5 hours per week, taking care of the land and the animals, and the women who cook the food at the centre are a rotating group of mothers who each volunteer at the centre once a week.