Provide a Scholarship

Through educate., you have the option to provide a scholarship for our university scholarship programme. However, so as not to create a direct relationship of dependency and responsibility, the scholarship you provide will not go directly to one scholarship student. Instead, the funds will go into a pool for our scholarship programme. It will therefore still go directly to our scholarship recipients.

We believe that this is more responsible in terms of our aim of countering unequal power dynamics in development as it minimises the inherently unequal nature of direct donor-student relationships.

Providing a scholarship amounts to $700 USD per year and is a 5 year commitment. Please note that this is a significant commitment. A university degree in Honduras takes 5 years to complete, and once we have committed to supporting a student, we are committed to supporting them for the duration of their studies. Therefore, when you agree to provide a scholarship, the students, though anonymous, are relying on you to continue providing that financial support for the duration of their studies. We therefore advise you to make sure you are fully willing and committed to to take on this commitment.

Please contact us here if you are interested in providing  an educate. scholarship!