Along with our scholarship programme, school-based community library projects are the second core aspect of educate.‘s work. We believe community-created libraries can fundamentally transform learning environments at schools. Books broaden horizons, open minds and inspire creativity.

So far, educate. has worked with communities to start 5 libraries in Honduras:

  • Adrian Mejia primary and secondary school in El Progreso.
  • Guadalupe Ulloa primary school in Trinidad, Santa Bárbara.
  • Trinidad Kindergarten in Trinidad, Santa Bárbara.
  • Las Lagunas primary school in Arada, Santa Bárbara.
  • La Florida primary school in Olancho.


All of these projects are instigated and led by the local community through a project committee made up of teachers, parents and students. The committee leads the community in raising a portion of funds for the project, and also plans how they want the space to look and how they will use it once it has been completed. This model of community-driven development means that the school and community take real ownership over leading the project, leading to maximum impact and sustainability. It also means that dependence is reduced as far as possible, instead supporting communities in creating projects themselves that outlast educate.‘s involvement.