We are currently working on several projects in Honduras:

Scholarship Programme

Our scholarship programme is currently supporting three students at university. You can read more about our scholarship programme here.

  • Stephanie Chevez: Stephanie, whose parents are farmers on the north coast of Honduras, has dreamed of being a doctor since she was young. She is now studying medicine at university in San Pedro Sula on an educate. scholarship. Read more about Stephanie here.
  • Tania Caballero: Tania’s grandfather’s work as a shoemaker in the small town of Trinidad makes up the income of her whole family. She is now studying industrial engineering at university in San Pedro Sula on an educate. scholarship. Read more about Tania here.
  • Javier Reyes: Javier is the oldest of six siblings and worked as a shoemaker from the age of 12 to support himself in his studies, which he continued in an evening high school in Trinidad, Santa Barbara. He is now studying Computer Engineering. Read more about Javier here.
  • A Library in Las Lagunas, Santa Barbara: In this rural village, situated around two large lakes where children fish and swim after school, we are working with the community to transform an unused storage room into a vibrant school-based community library.
  • A Library in La Florida, Olancho: Three hours by horseback into the Olancho mountains, we are working with the community to create a library to bring books to students in this incredibly remote and under-resourced community.
  • Child Nutrition Centre (with Manos Que Ayudan Talanga)We are working with Manos Que Ayudan Talanga, a small organisation founded and run by the young local Honduran Carlos Urbina, that focuses on getting children into school through a sponsorship programme and works to eradicate child labour and illiteracy in Honduras. However, children cannot be expected to go to school, let alone to learn effectively, on an empty stomach, and there were many cases of children fainting at school due to not having eaten. Manos Que Ayudan Talanga has stepped in to provide nutritious meals for children who’s families cannot afford adequate food for them, and educate. is currently funding this centre.
  • A Library in El Progreso (with Chispa Project): We worked in collaboration with the Honduras-based non-profit Chispa Project to start a library at the public elementary school of Adrian Mejia in the city of El Progreso to provide access to books and spark a love of learning in Honduran children.
  • A Library and School Desks in TrinidadWe worked with the public primary school Escuela Guadalupe Ulloa to start a library, providing access to books for over 300 students. The International School of Panama organised a book drive to collect books, and we worked with local Honduran carpenters to make desks for the library space.
  • Animal Therapy Farm at El Hogar: We worked with the dedicated staff at El Hogar de Niños orphanage to develop an animal therapy farm for children who have suffered immense abuse, to help them learn to cope with and control impulsivity, aggression and anxiety, as well as improve their self-esteem, concentration and social skills.