Board of Directors

We provide the strategic leadership for educate.’s work to continue to grow in both the scale of its reach and the depth of its impact. By ensuring that each decision aligns with educate.‘s broader mission and vision, we advocate for quality, critical, creative and accesible education, and a shift in the non-profit sector’s power relationships.

Founder and Director of educate., Antonia lead’s educate.’s Project Management operations. She has lived and worked in Honduras intermittently since 2014 as a teacher, researcher and journalist, and she holds a Masters degree in International Development Studies.

Originally from Spain, Andrea has a background in International Relations and has conducted fieldwork in Colombia. She moved to Amsterdam to study her Masters and is currently working there while collaborating with educate..

Brin is from the U.S. and has a Masters degree in Urban and Environmental Planning. She has a long history of working and volunteering with nonprofits, including across Central America, and also spent a semester studying sustainable economic development in Nicaragua.

Shobhendra has 13+ years of experience leading and supporting global organisations in the areas of leadership, strategy, finance & transformation. Over the years, contributing to the field of education has given him the most joy. He is currently an advisory board member at a global student organisation, an advisory board member at his university and a volunteer teacher at a university. Supporting education and children is the primary reason for his being a part of educate.