About Honduras

In Honduras, education is a privilege. Less than 50% of students continue past 9th grade, and only 8% continue their education to the tertiary level. Honduras suffers from high levels of poverty and violence, with one of the highest murder rates in the world. This violence disproportionately affects young people, especially those from poorer sectors of society. The roots of these issues are complex and multi-faceted, including rapid urbanisation, legacies of colonialism, and macro-level socio-economic and political structures. In the video below, teachers and students from an urban public high school in Honduras discuss their experiences regarding how poverty affects education. 

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While all of these facts are true and indisputable, and it is important that they be recognised, we try to use our platform to show a more nuanced picture of Honduras, one where problems are engaged and grappled with, but where the positive aspects of everyday life are also valued and acknowledged – the resilience of families, the passion of local educators, and the beauty of a deeply rich culture.

Want to learn more about Honduras? Watch this documentary, The American Fraud, co-filmed, produced and edited by two of educate.‘s directors: