Meet the Team

The Board of Directors

25152124_957832677726641_1175270035136011620_n Antonia McGrath: Chair, Head of Media and Head of Programme Management

Antonia lived and worked in Honduras for one year in 2014/15, working as a teacher in a home for ex-street children and doing a variety of other work for charitable organizations in the El Progreso/San Pedro Sula area. She also co-produced a political documentary about Honduras. She did her BA in International Studies with a specialization in Latin America, and is now doing her Masters in International Development.


IMG_2014 Elisabeth van Holsteyn: Head of Fundraising and Member Coordinator

Lisa lived and worked in Honduras for 18 months in 2014/15, first teaching English in nine different schools and an orphanage in the Santa Barbara area for one year, and then at an international school for the remaining six months. She is now studying Economics and International Relations in Amsterdam.


 Jocelyn Jocelyn Vick-Maeer: Treasurer

Jocelyn spent a year travelling in India and Nepal and has previously worked on keeping accounts for a small London-based social enterprise. She is now studying Anthropology in Amsterdam.


 Marit2 Marit Hoefsloot: Grant Applications Manager

Marit was born in the Netherlands, but lived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with her family for 3 years while her parents worked for NGOs in the area. After 13 years back in the Netherlands, she is now relearning Spanish and reconnecting with her friends and family in Honduras. She is studying Computer Science in Amsterdam.


27653859_1297619247048542_372622356_o Fionnuala Davidson: Business Partnerships Coordinator

Fionnuala is from Northern Ireland and spent a year in 2014/15 working in the north of Honduras as a teacher in an orphanage for ex-street children, as well as co-producing a political documentary about Honduras. She is now studying PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) in Amsterdam.


The Honduras Team

photo coming soon Trinidad Scholarship Programme Project Leader

information coming soon


Jose Luis Jose Luis: Trinidad Library Project Leader

Jose Luis is the director of the largest public primary school in Trinidad, where educate. is working to start a library. He is leading the planning and implementation of this project on the ground.


21427362_10213525248995824_8928809185626807630_o Maria Jesus Hernandez Txus: Animal Therapy Programme Project Leader

Maria Jesus, originally from Spain, is one of the staff at the El Hogar de Niños orphanage in Santa Barbara, Honduras. She acts as a mother to the youngest group of girls at the home.

educate. recently supported the start of an animal therapy programme at the orphanage with the purchase of two donkeys, and Maria Jesus runs this, working with the children and the animals to help children from traumatic backgrounds learn to cope with mental health issues and develop social skills.



Carlos Urbina and Estefany Munoz: Nutrition Centre Project Leaders

Carlos is the founder of the local Honduran organisation Manos Que Ayudan Talanga, of which Estefany is the administrative director. They and the rest of the team run the educate.-funded school-based nutrition centre in Los Pozos, Talanga.




Jose2 Jose Jacinto Reyes: Cultural Adviser and Problem Solver

Jose grew up as a street kid in Honduras, but now works as a carpenter in a town outside the city of El Progreso. He is passionate about philosophy and psychology, and has taught himself English over the past two years.

Jose supports educate. voluntarily as a cultural adviser and problem solver, working on a variety of tasks and acting as a contact person on the ground.


Members of educate. work in a variety of areas. To learn more about the opportunities available and how you can become a member, click here!

20708141_10155761541111564_8323733103494601541_n Frank van der Wulp: Video and Event Organization Intern

Frank is half Dutch and half English, but grew up mostly in Italy. He is currently majoring in Cognition at Amsterdam University College, as well as taking classes in Environmental Science and Film.


Meiko.jpg Meiko Janina Umezawa: Fundraising Team

Meiko is Japanese/Filipina, born and raised in Tokyo. She studies Media & Communications and Film at Amsterdam University College.

“I wanted to join educate. because I have always believed in spreading education to the world, especially to those who have financial struggles to study. I’m part of educate. to help give children the opportunity to gain knowledge.”

28377452_1731157583612567_1098949553995907072_n Ricardo Diaz: Fundraising Team

Ricardo is currently studying literature and philosophy at Amsterdam University College. He was born and raised in Mexico, and spent five years living in the United States.

“I wanted to join educate. because, as a Mexican citizen, I am familiar with the state of social disparity in Latin American countries, and I believe that education lies at the heart of creating more equal, fair societies. I was very inspired when I learned how educate. is empowering Honduran students with the opportunity to obtain a university education through their scholarship program and wanted to get involved.”


28584508_1447471072030601_631702272_o Masha Nefedova: Fundraising Team

Masha is from Russia and is studying liberal arts with a major in psychology in Amsterdam.

“I wanted to join educate. because I think that every person around the world should have an equal chance of going to university and achieving their goals, no matter their financial situation.”


Our Partners

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