Our Aims

educate.’s mission is to empower children and youth in Honduras through community-driven projects that focus on education. We believe that education lies at the root of sustainable development, and with this goal in mind, we run a university scholarship programme and we support specific education-related community projects such as libraries and school-based nutrition programmes.

Our central aims are:

  • To build and develop long-standing relationships with communities in Honduras and to work together to increase educational opportunities for youth that are led and driven locally.
  • To build and maintain partnerships with local public high schools in Honduras so as to reach high-potential youth from low income backgrounds who can be given the opportunity to apply for our university scholarship programme.
  • To create community role models through students in our university scholarship programme who can mentor and inspire younger generations in their own communities.
  • To establish community-led projects at underfunded public schools in the communities we work with, such as libraries and school-based nutrition programmes.
  • To continue to creatively build on existing projects in the communities we work with, such as creating reading clubs at educate.-funded libraries and organising “book swap” days between schools.
  • To continuously ensure that our projects combat a mentality of “service” and the all too common neo-colonial power structures of the philanthropic sector. We do this by ensuring local communities have full agency over their own projects and by making sure projects are self-sustaining. We minimise the risk of dependency by not paying ongoing costs at the community projects we support.
  • To engage schools, both in Honduras and beyond, in global citizenship education and critical service learning through school partnerships and fundraising initiatives.
  • To promote our anti-service philosophy in our work and to work to change narratives surrounding development aid in its broadest sense.